Why Mascot Coffee?

We thought,"What could be better than getting your game on by partaking in your favorite beverage while supporting your favorite team and getting pumped up with a little zing... Ok, a lot of zing on game day and everyday?!"

Behind the bold mascot logo lays the bold distinctive taste of our Gold Roast coffee.
That's why Mascot Coffee has selected a perfect blend of coffee beans. These beans are slow roasted to a mild yet rich flavor, to produce coffee with a smooth taste and superb aroma. Golden perfection, just like your team, delivering a well-balanced hearty cup of coffee... go ahead and cheer your head off! You, your team and great tasting coffee... what more could you want?
Remember, at Mascot Coffee we take pride in serving you only the finest and richest tasting coffee. After all, doesn't your school deserve the best?
Mascot Coffee invites you to contact us and let us know if we can represent your team with our awesome coffee. A percentage of sales from each 12 oz bag go back to the schools that we have the honor of representing.
Be a part of the team and experience the flavor that is Mascot Coffee!

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